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The Vitam Musica Foundation is a newly-formed chamber orchestra located in the greater Oklahoma City area. Founded by our Music Director and Conductor, Dylan Madoux, Vitam Musica programs works you won't see anywhere else. We are dedicated to performing lesser-known and underrepresented works from the Baroque to Contemporary periods. We strive to employ musicians at the undergraduate and graduate levels to enhance their musical education by programming works they would, most likely, not have the opportunity to perform otherwise.

Vitam Musica is presenting our audience with two unique concert experiences- our Grand Orchestra Series and our Petite Orchestra Series. Both centering around lesser-known works with varying orchestration. We look forward to presenting a wonderful season and appreciate your support!

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Grand Orchestra Series

Vitam Musica's Grand Orchestra Series Showcases music written for a larger ensemble. Usually full strings and winds with additional brass and percussion as needed. 

This is the size of a typical "Classical" orchestra- maxing out at around 40 players.


Petite Orchestra Series

Vitam Musica's Petite Orchestra Series strives to highlight works that do not require the sheer size of a "Romantic" orchestra. From Baroque to contemporary works this ensemble is flexible and can perform repertoire with various instrumentations.

This ensemble usually consists of anywhere between 12-24 musicians.


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